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Rhino Mats Manufacturing is dedicated to manufacturing the most durable and unique standing mats on the market, and has become a leader in providing Anti-fatigue Mats, Drain Thru Mats, Dielectric Switchboard Matting, Electrostatic and Conductive Matting, runners, and Drain Thru Matting. For the warehouse, industrial setting, office, or at home, Rhino Anti Fatigue Mats are rated best of breed in floor mats.

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Here is what our customers are saying.

In our heavy work areas the Rhino anti fatigue mats are getting rave reviews by the workers. They are reporting less back pain, reduction of tired and swollen feet, and leg fatigue. The maintenance workers are saying they are holding up better then our other mats. I have made the switch to Rhino Mats and am happy I did. Walt- Manufacturing Supervisor

We are an accounting office and we sometime have to make copies of documents for hours at a time. Standing at the copier is just exhausting. In desperation we purchased one of your Tuff Plush Anti Fatigue Mats and we are so happy. The carpet top looks good in our office and the foam padding is comfortable. Thank you for providing us with this great product. This tax season went much smooth thanks to the people at the mattingstore.com Sally- Office Manager

Our manufacturing line is a busy place and the floors of course are concert. We are on a tight budget and really needed to get some mats. Your suggestion to use Dura Step Anti Fatigue Mat was exactly what we needed, it is really working. And the boss is happy because it fit our budget. Sammy- Line Supervisor

We have used other mats but have always had issue because our employees need to turn all day long to get products and then turn to the boxing area. I was looking for a durable mat that permitted turning and movement. To make a long story short we got the Industrial Smooth Anti Fatigue Mat and I was amazed. I still have the great cushion and we are turning and do our jobs more effectively. Joseph-Shipping Dept.

I just received my kitchen mat and wanted to thank you for the fast deliver. My legs and knees are singing a new happy tune. I love the wood like finish; it keeps my kitchen looking nice and homey as opposed to an industrial look. I am going to tell my book club about you and sent them your way. So get ready all you nice people at the mattingstore.com Ruth- Love to cook Mom

Every Rhino anti fatigue mat is the best that can be made. Success is based on an unmatched level of attention to detail. Rhino mats commitment is to manufacture the best anti fatigue mat in the world. Every Rhino Anti Fatigue Mat is made in the USA and quality is assured with this hands-on workmanship of each and every mat.

We know our customers require the correct anti-fatigue mat for their specific application, and that is why Rhino Mats specializes in unique solutions that are proven effective and durable. Each anti-fatigue mat is designed to meet the demands of the job and the needs of the customer.

Remaining true to their roots, Rhino Mats is founded on an equal commitment to technology and craftsmanship. Better tools and more precise production techniques are essential to the manufacturing of the worldŐs best anti-fatigue mats. Rhino Mat personnel have been at the forefront of innovative anti fatigue mat design for over twenty years. Rhino Mat has cultivated relationships to manufacturing and chemical engineering experts throughout the world to further expand their expertise. The ultimate product of these efforts, there is a little Einstein in every Rhino mat.

Insurance companies consider Anti Fatigue Mats one of the first lines of defenses in reducing Slip and Trip accidents. Most slip and fall accidents result in injuries that involve lost workdays and are expensive for the employer and of course uncomfortable for the employee. Safety and the reduction of injuries is important at Rhino Mats and so we offer a variety of mats with beveled edges, color mats to alert employees, grip mats for wet environments. Safety is also one to the features of the Entry Way Mats so your guest wonŐt slip when they entry your building.

eStores Corp and the MattingStore.com specialize in Rhino Mats because we have found them to be the best. We have used the Rhino Mats for years and have found them to be very high quality mats that provide excellent support for all standing mat needs as well as entrance way mats and the kneeling mat.

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